Denim on Denim


Photo taken by: Aspen Evans a scad student

Overals-F21/Tan Sandals- F21/ Jean Jacket-F21/ Jean skirt- Old navy/Jeans- Target/Top-Target

       This spring Denim on Denim was a huge hit on the runway, so make room in your closet. Or dare to be bold with the same fabrication/ matchy- matchy look. Like in a painting you need a light source and shadowing, thats what I think you see here a dark wash and light wash denim to give it more of an eye catching flare. Never mind Britney Spears mistake of showing up to the red carpet with Justine Timberlake in 2001, we both know that was a no no.



We forgive you Brittany.


Below is some Spring 2014 runway Fashions






But fashion goers moved past that and realized the top designers showcased Denim on Denim on the runways. And did a much better styling job. 


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