He Loves Me He Loves Me Not



I purchased two palettes from forever 21, a Flower Child pallet and a Natural Palette. The natural pallet reminded me of how the naked palette from Urban decay is set up. I thought well eight dollars verses fifty so I thought Id give it a go. So far I do like it, in comparison to the naked palette pretty much you get the quality of what you pay for. 





Forever 21 has came out with a full on beauty line, Im very interested to check out the rest of it.



I love the Daisies and the name is what caught my eye- FLOWER CHILD






This is the color Palette for the flower child, so in comparison to the natural one it is very versatile being able to bring your look from day to night. 



“He Loves Me, He loves me not, Who Cares Im awesome!”



The right kind of brushes really determinate’s the outcome of your makeup and brushes are best to have a blended more professional look. I love when I get a new purse and am able to buy all new makeup and little gadgets to go inside. Its like going to school on the first day and all the preparation you just want all new things. My purse will have its first debut soon ( I’ts first day of school-life on the streets) very soon. So spruce up your bathroom drawers or makeup bags with some cutesy items. We are changing seasons so ladies please do some spring cleaning. 


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