Time Machine


So I recently was passed down this Sears Electric Type Writer, by my lovely grandmother. I had been intrigued by them for sometime now. I love the concept that this was a start to computers and this is the branch that held the fruit for engineering of the desktop. I have always been in love with the past, and all its niftiness. Like film the look and grain of the picture is more intriguing then a I-phone picture. So when it comes to writing, I like how personal a hand written letter is. There is more thought and effort and its your own lettering and not the basic blocky letters. then to take a step away from the computer and look at something before its time is something a little less distracting. A more intimate way of writing, with no pop ups of Facebook messages, like when you decide to look at Facebook you become side tracked. With the type writer your taking your thoughts by grasp each second they are handed to you, your writing becomes more focused. I cant tell you how many papers I had gotten back with you seemed to have lost interest through the middle. Yeah because well I was online shopping during half of it. So I am going to venture down my grandparents and parents memory lane and maybe learn something or find something interesting.



As you can see a little bit of dust has been piled up but I won’t allow that to happen as I will be venturing a new outlet of writing.

First thing Typed on this bad boy, Morgan Smith is the cats meow. The bees Knees.


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