Respoked Vintage





coat: carlisle (available here) bag: cole haan. shoes: nine west. jeans: rich & skinny. watch: michael kors.


Today I modeled for an online Vintage store, Respoked. She has the most lovely items in her store, from Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, Valentino, Prada, to timeless pieces such as vintage Ann Taylor. Fashion is buying clothes and style is putting them together, Respoked offers both, each item is a key holding piece to complete an outfit, or start an outfit on a good foot. Christina is the store owner I have had the pleasure to work with her over the past couple of weeks, she is a character! She loves to be bold, and her fashion garments say just that. So check her out on her blog, :, Her store Respoked: and on instagram : @respoked ! 

Photography: Kissie Smith

Clothing: Respoked Vintage

Model: Morgan Smith

Location: Atlanta





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